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Education & Training


On top of all the digital communication channels that you are expected to use as a business owner, there are also countless tools you will come across that promise to help you work better and more effectively. The good news is that a lot of them are highly beneficial, but the bad news is that this means you need to spend time learning how to use them. Feeling overwhelmed or lost?


We are here to support you with growing your business and that’s why we provide education and training on the topics of marketing and online communication, as well as various digital tools. We believe that all business owners should have some basic marketing knowledge and feel empowered to fully utilize all the tools at their disposal.

One-On-One & Team Training


Learn how to use various social media platforms and marketing tools, including how to publish content, create designs, and manage both your team & time better. Customized training packages are available to help you and your team maximize your efficiency and effectiveness.

Training available for:

  • Social Media

    • Instagram

    • Facebook

    • Later

  • Content Creation Tools

    • Canva

    • Mailchimp

  • Website Design

    • Wix

    • Squarespace

    • Shopify

  • Team & Time Management

    • Trello

    • Slack

    • Toggl Track

    • Google Drive


Call A Marketer

PRICE $500


Are you the type of business owner who likes to be in control of everything? We understand that because we are the same way, and there can be many benefits to handling all of your marketing in-house. What you might need though is the right support and direction to set you on the right path with managing your own marketing. If you are looking for some expert advice to get you started, then this might be the right option for you! 


What’s Included:

  • An initial meeting to understand your business goals & current situation

  • A digital audit - review of website, social media, and additional communication channels to identify current strengths and opportunities for growth

  • An implementation meeting to review findings and provide suggestions for reaching your business goals

  • Four 45-minute follow-up calls to check-in and ask questions

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