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When: May 11, 6:30 - 8:30pm

Where: Felice Cafe (10930 84 Street NW, Edmonton, AB)

Cost: $45

On-brand: consistent with or supportive of a particular brand, public image, or identity.

You probably spent a lot of time deciding on your brand colours and logo, and you’ve maybe even gone so far as to develop a guiding mission, vision and values— but are you properly representing your brand in all your online and in-person customer interactions?


In this two-hour workshop, we will dive into your brand and how to use it to build the recognition and awareness needed to grow your business. Here’s a quick overview of what we’ll be covering:

  • Review the different elements that make up your brand

  • Determine who you are, how you want your brand to be perceived & how you want to connect with your audience

  • Cover the steps needed to ensure you are working to build brand awareness and loyalty at each customer touch point


Included in registration:

  • 2-hour ‘Get on Brand!’ workshop

  • ‘Get on Brand’ workbook (print & digital copy)

  • Refreshments from Felice Cafe

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