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The beginning of a new year always feels like a time of refreshing and resetting: we look around and take stock of our habits and activities and make resolutions for how we can improve this year. Why not extend this refreshing feeling to your small business, as well? One thing that I always recommend to my clients in the new year is to do an audit of their website and make sure that it is still working for them in the way that they want it to and the way that is most helpful for their customers. If you haven’t already, go back and check out our previous blog post ‘Is Your Website Working For You?’ for some helpful tips and information.

How do you know when you need a new website or a website refresh? There are many reasons why you might decide that it’s time to update your website and you may be at a point where you are unsure if it will be worth the investment. Here is a quick list of some common signs it’s time for a redesign:

1. Your website doesn’t reflect your brand

Have you updated your logo or brand colours in the past year? Do you use certain fonts or stylistics that aren’t reflected on your website? Cohesion and consistency are key with branding so that people recognize your business, so if your brand identity is not reflected on your website, it’s time to make those changes.

2. Your website looks dated or it has been at least 3 years since it’s been updated

The styles and capabilities of websites change all the time and not keeping up-to-date with common website trends means that your website can look behind the times pretty quickly. An old-fashioned website may lead customers to think that you’re out of touch, so if your website looks dated compared to others, you should consider an upgrade.

3. You can’t update your website content yourself

Having up-to-date information on your website is crucial since it’s the first place that a lot of potential customers will look to find out more about your business. Was your website set up a long time ago by someone outside of your business? Are you able to easily make changes to its design and content? If not, it’s time to hit the reset button.

4. Your website navigation is confusing or unclear

The first thing a new visitor is going to look for on your website is how to navigate it to find the information that they’re searching for. Look at your website through the eyes of a visitor: if you can’t find your location or hours or the services that you offer quickly and conveniently, and move around the website easily, you need to make a change.

5. Your website isn’t mobile-friendly or responsive

Many people will use their smartphones or tablets the first time that they visit your website and if it’s not mobile-friendly, they likely won’t visit again. You should check the mobile-responsiveness of your website frequently, and if you’re noticing that it appears or functions much differently between desktop and mobile, it’s time for an update.

6. Your website has a high bounce rate and/or poor lead conversion

Your bounce rate is the percentage of people that land on your website without going to another page, while lead conversion is how many visitors to your website become potential customers, like by filling out a form to join your mailing list. You can find this information through your analytics and a reliable, engaging website will help with both.

Did any of the above describe your website? Are you still unsure if you need a redesign or what steps to take next? Send us a message to set up a time for a free website audit and consultation!

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