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Are you feeling stuck with creating content? Do you often find yourself asking ‘What should I post about?’

One of the hardest things with posting consistent content is coming up with what to post about. Even with a content strategy, which is the first thing you should spend time developing, it can still sometimes be a challenge. Here are a few of my go-to methods for coming up with topics that match your content strategy:

  • Write it down so you don't forget. I have a list of content ideas in my day planner, on my phone, and in a Google Doc so that I can jot down ideas for future content when they come to me, even if I'm out and about.

  • Listen to your audience. Questions that you frequently get asked make for a great source of content for social media posts. You can take this one step further by paying attention to what your audience is talking about online and adding some value with your expertise.

  • What are other people talking about? Be sure to follow the accounts of your competitors, collaborators, customers, and a few others for inspiration. Reading what other people are sharing might be exactly what you need to come up with your next post.

  • Repurpose old work. Try taking a look at some of your older pieces and repurposing them into something new.⁠ By repurposing content you can breathe new life into it while continuing to gain value from your top-performing posts. Even better, repurposing content can save you time - and who doesn't want that?⁠

Now that you have ideas for what you want to post about, how do you go about creating that perfect post? What is your process for developing your social media posts? Well, visuals are essential for capturing your audience's attention, especially on Instagram. The approach I often recommend for content creation is:

  1. Figure out what you want to share

  2. Write out what you want to say

  3. Design your post with the right visual to support your text⁠⠀

Essentially, words before design. This approach may not work for everyone, but I challenge you to experiment with your process to find what works best for you, your brand, and the content that you’re creating.

And finally, with so much content to batch out every week, having the right tools and processes makes all the difference. Here are a few of my favourite tools for content creation:⁠

  • Canva: For design. If you haven't yet, be sure to give their free version a try or click here for a free trial of Canva Pro.⁠

  • Pexels & Unsplash: For beautiful free stock images⁠

  • Noisli: Great for distraction-free writing

  • Grammarly: For when you need help proofing your work. AI-powered feedback, grammar/spelling correction, and suggestions as you type⁠

  • Later: My go-to scheduling tool that allows you to preview posts in your grid while you create

Remember when you're creating content that it should be about authenticity and connection, rather than promotion and one-sided conversations. Don't get stuck focusing on everything you want to promote; instead think about your audience and what you can share that is of interest to them.

What do they want to hear about?

What would start a conversation?⁠

Ask yourself: are you producing content that your audience wants to read?

Having a strategy that connects with your business goals and reflects your brand is important, but it is also key that your strategy involves producing content that connects with your audience.

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