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Being self-employed can often be depicted as living the dream, facing constant excitement and new challenges. The reality, however, can sometimes be overwhelming, with stress becoming a frequent companion. In our digital age, where you're expected to be online and available at all times, the pressure on small business owners is amplified, adding another layer to the already complex landscape.

When it comes to managing work stress and finding some balance, we rely on a few strategies.

Not Everything is a Priority

Effective prioritization is vital for business owners and entrepreneurs. It is essential to recognize that not everything is a priority and that not everything needs to be done today or even this week. Try using the ABC method, a prioritization grid, or time blocking to map out your tasks, and be sure to give yourself the time and space to be flexible with your plan.

Stay Organized

One more way to reduce stress as a business owner is to establish processes and schedules to stay organized. Utilize digital tools for scheduling and task management, maintain a clutter-free workspace, delegate tasks when possible, and conduct regular reviews to assess progress and adjust priorities.

Set Boundaries

Boundaries are healthy in all areas of life and essential for a healthy separation between work and the rest of your life. While it can take practice, setting and maintaining clear work boundaries for yourself and with clients works to prevent burnout, produce better results, and allow for more joy. Establish work hours, avoid project scope creep, set realistic expectations, take time for yourself, and give yourself permission to disconnect more often.

Get Up and Get Out

Taking breaks for physical activity during the day offers numerous benefits for physical and mental well-being, especially for small business owners who often find themselves immersed in demanding work schedules. Whether going to the gym, taking a quick stretch break, or going for a leisurely walk, these moments of movement can make a huge difference in how you feel.

Connection and Conversation

Another way to manage work stress throughout the workday is by connecting with coworkers. Plus, having work dates out of the office is a great way to enjoy a change of scenery while supporting other local businesses. And even if you work alone, it doesn't mean you have to work alone; finding a community you can connect with is a great way to help manage stress.

Navigating the stress of small business ownership, especially in an always-online world, requires proactive strategies for disconnecting, prioritizing, and organizing. By setting boundaries, fostering connections, and managing our workload effectively, we empower ourselves to thrive amidst the demands of entrepreneurship while safeguarding our well-being.

Small Business Owner Stress Management


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