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We all know and have heard about the importance of “supporting small businesses” and “shopping local”; however, have you ever wondered about the why behind it? At Etched In Marketing our purpose is focused on supporting small, local businesses, not only because we love them, but because they add value to the community in many different ways.

Value of local/small businesses for communities:


“As of December 2020, there were 1.22 million employer businesses in Canada. Of these, 1.2 million (97.9 percent) were small businesses” (Government of Canada). In the private sector, 67.7% of employees were employed by small businesses with employees ranging from 1-99 people. (Government of Canada). This comes to show what a big role small businesses play in our economy and provide people with the opportunity to make a living. These businesses are investing time in their employees and their communities. Giving your business to them not only directly supports them, but indirectly supports your community.

Community Benefit

We already talked about the employment opportunities small businesses provide us with, however, we also want to mention the work, time and money they reinvest into our communities. Most small businesses support local charities, they volunteer their time, plant trees, donate products/services, and so much more. These people not only run a business, but they feel the need to give back even more and support their people. They are trying to make our community a better place, which is such an important aspect to highlight.

3 more reasons why we love local/small business

1. They’re One-of-a-Kind

Whether it’s their carefully curated selection or products, handmade goods, or the experience you get when you work with them- small businesses always have something unique to offer that you can’t find in a big box store.

2. Their Purpose

Unlike large corporations, small businesses have a real person behind them who is working towards their dream. This often shows very clearly in the level of care and attention put into what they do.

3. Connection & Community

While it is possible to become a regular anywhere, there is something special about being a regular at a local spot and having the chance to get to know the owner and staff a bit. This is a unique type of connection you can really only get from small businesses.

5 ways to support small businesses

Now enough about why we should make an effort to support local businesses. Let’s talk about how you can:

1. Make an effort to shop with local/small businesses when possible.

This is even easier now that a lot of them offer online shopping and free curb-side pickup.

2. Go out of your way to discover the businesses in your city.

Next time you’re in a new part of town, instead of grabbing your coffee from Starbucks, search to see if there’s a local cafe you can checkout instead.

3. Follow them on social media and engage with their posts.

It’s a lot of work for small businesses to regularly show up on social media, but they’re doing it to help keep customers like you informed. Show them some love with a bit of engagement (this also helps ensure you see more of their content).

4. Refer and share about them.

Small businesses don’t operate with large advertising budgets, for them referrals (which cost you nothing) are one of the greatest ways you can support their work.

5. Take the time to leave them a review on Google.

This one doesn’t take long but goes a long way towards helping other people discover a business you love. Take a moment right now to go write a review for one of your favourite local spots.


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