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While every marketing agency and content manager will have a different approach, here is a look at how we manage our clients' content creation.

After our initial discovery call and proposal, and once we've settled on the right package for your unique needs, we're ready to get started...

Step 1. Getting to know your business

The primary intent of a content manager is to help businesses focus on their social media presence. Still, we like to go one step further by focusing on bringing a strategic approach to your online content.

We'll start by fully understanding your business, goals, and brand. At this stage, you can expect many questions and follow-up questions as we gather everything we need to develop an effective communication strategy.

Step 2. Meeting and Planning

At our regularly scheduled meeting, we'll check in, discuss business updates and upcoming opportunities, review our content ideas, and finalize your content calendar. We'll also use this opportunity to use your expertise to create educational and well-informed posts.

Now, with the roadmap in place, the real fun and creativity begin.

Step 3. Recording and Creation

A content recording session is a recurring meeting where we capture and batch-record all the content we need for the upcoming schedule. We then take everything we captured and get to the more time-consuming work of editing, writing, and putting it together for your review.

Step 4. Easy Edits & Approval

Once you have all the content ready to go, we'll send you a link so that you can preview your content and ensure it feels representative of your brand. With your feedback, we will make any final edits needed before scheduling.

Step 5. Publishing

We then get all your content scheduled and posted so that you don't need to worry about a thing! No more stress and last-minute scrambling to get posts out, just consistent, high-quality content.

Ongoing Support & Collaboration

By entrusting your content strategy to a marketing expert, you gain a partner and a guiding force dedicated to elevating your brand and fostering meaningful connections with your audience.

But it's about more than just content; our goal is to be your (external) internal marketing department. As our relationship develops, we will be there offering continuous support, brainstorming fresh ideas, and finding new opportunities to propel your business forward.

Content Creation Process


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