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We all want to grow our reach and engagement online, after all, it is a great way to connect with an audience of potential customers. However, we often see stalled or slow growth due to mistakes with the process being used.

Consistency is one of the most important elements of growth on social media, but sometimes it can be difficult to keep up with social media while running your business. To help you get this year started right, we’ve come up with a few tips and tools for consistency for you to use to help you grow on social media.

1. Content plan

The best way to consistently generate content is to create a content plan with a focused content mix. Your content mix allows you to categorize your content into different pillars from which you can develop more specific posts. Your exact mix will vary depending on your goals and industry, but here is an example to get you started: 25% educational, 50% promotion of services/products & 25% business updates and behind the scenes.

2. Content calendar

A content calendar is where you can draft your posts according to your content plan, taking into account everything going on in your business, industry & with your audience. You can use a word document, an excel file, or even an online calendar. Once developed, your content calendar will allow you to pre-plan your posts and have them all drafted up and ready to be published on schedule. Dedicating a couple of hours once a month to do this will save you tremendous amounts of time and stress as you create.

3. Content scheduling tool

Once you have your content laid out in your content calendar, you can use an online scheduling tool to create your posts and schedule them in to save you time when posting. There are several social media scheduling tools available for little to no cost. Here are a few you may want to check out: Later, HeyOrca, Planoly, and Facebook Business Manager.

A content plan, content calendar and content scheduling tool are three essential tools you can use to not only save you time with content creation but to help you stay consistent and strategic with what you post. By dedicating a few hours of your time to batching content, you can ensure that you never go weeks without posting or are left scrambling to get something out last minute.

If this is something that you need help with, we offer lots of training as well as social media management services. Send us an email at, we would love to help you elevate your presence online!

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