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Launching a brand new business is a tremendous amount of work, and that process involves a lot of tactical marketing elements to ensure that your business is set up for success. Use this as a checklist for all the marketing elements you need to take care of before you open:

1. Brand Kit

A brand kit should include your logo, brand colours, fonts, and other intangible aspects of the brand, such as brand voice and brand image. These essential elements need careful consideration to ensure your business stands out and is remembered by your potential customers.

Added Tip: Consider working with a branding photographer before launch to capture some images for your website and online communications.

2. Website

A website is the face of your business online. It is a place your customer can refer to if they need to reach out to you, need to book an appointment, or want to see what your business is all about. Plus, your website works to demonstrate your legitimacy and professionalism while building trust with potential clients.

Even if you don't have a fully designed website when opening, have a landing page ready. Customers need reassurance before purchasing, and your website helps provide that reassurance.

3. Google listing

Make sure that you list your business on Google. It is not a long process, however, it is an essential one if you want to increase your visibility to your customers. Add your address, hours, website, and all other essential details to help your customers find you.

4. Social media

Get on social media. It takes time to build an audience, so get set up early to start connecting online before you're open.

Ensure that you select the right platforms for your target market, that your bio is optimized, you use your branding, and that you have a communication and content strategy prepared to effectively communicate with your audience.

Added Tip: Focus on consistency between the look and messaging of all your social media platforms and website. AND if possible, use the same handle for all platforms to make you easy to find.

5. Email list

An email list should also be a part of your online communication tool kit. Remember that people CHOOSE to sign up for your email list, which makes them a very valuable audience. These people want to hear from you and your business, and having an email list is a way to make it easy for them.

Added Tip: Ensure you make it easy for your audience to join your list by integrating it with all other aspects of your customer journey, such as your checkout process or appointment booking system.

If you have any questions or need help with this process, don't hesitate to reach out to us! We would love to help with all the marketing aspects of your business launch.


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